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Re: [IP] parents take note

 >>I have to chime in here.  When I read Sara's post, I completely understood
 >>her reaction to her mother, because her mother's response sounded so much
 >>like something MY mother would've said.

 >>If you say Sara was not wrong in her response to her mother, then why are
 >>you criticizing her for it?  You're telling her she was disrespectful.
 >>You're not part of her family, so IMO have no business giving unsolicited
 >>advice on something so personal.  Of course, I don't need to speak for

Though that IS WHAT you did!!!!

Now see what youve done........ YOU cause me to chime in (and, who, in 
their right mind, wants That ?)

If you post here, then, you either want a response, or, at least should 
expect one....
funny thing is, i wasnt going to so much give sara he!!, but, i was going 
to say,
"if you know, what sets your mother off, then, dont do it, you got to 
respect the way she feels too, even though we all would disagree with it" 
(im hopping no one blames their mother)

NOW, one MAY say, im being disrespectful too, but, then THEY'D be wrong...
see, few of us, (NOT all, but few) knows each others family....
I dont know Sylvia, at all, but i KNOW, she was not attempting to be 
(well, i cant I KNOW it, but lets say, i didnt take, what she posted, as 
being disrespectful, or even critical).,
there IS another (well, maybe many) sides, to what was said,
and she happened to comment on it...

in fact, what Sylvia said was :
 >>it might be nice to try  showing some respect towards her opinions

and thats all....

Now, lets hope, that You dont feel, that IM being Disrespectful, or, we 
could go on Forever,

ME??? Disrespectful ??? Now just what are the chances of that ???

and thats all im gona say bout that
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