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Re: [IP] Total Daily Doses

you misunderstood. that is what my daily insulin doses are. The reason for the
denial from Medicare/Medicaide was that even though my C-Peptide came out
NEGATIVE everything else blood work up wise came back as type 2 (according to
both insurances)......WTF been a diabetic since age 3 years 3 days (18 Feb
will be a day that I can never forget), a C-Peptide is the TRUE deffinition of
how much "NATURAL" insulin you make, not the other lab values. the only thing
that was NOT in the normal LAB range was SGOT, SGPT (LIVER ENZYMES) (but HELLO
I have hepatomegaly and I have chronically elevated liver enzymes) were off
the "chart" and HbA1c which was 8ish.
Any further questions reguarding this, don't hesitate to email me.

(Rebecca, Becca NOT Becky)
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