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Re: [IP] MiniMed Admitted Screw-Up

>How about approaching Mini-Med and offering to let them return the payment
>your insurance company made and any money you have put out.  Otherwise, you
>will reluctantly be forced to take them to court for false advertising,
>fraud, and racketeering.
>That should get their attention.


 While I think that MM needs to rectify this...there is no basis for taking them
to court for fraud or false advertising (I don't even really understand 
what "racketeering" is).  Anyhow, MM designed the pump to be water tight, and 
tested it for IPX7 rating.  Later, they did further testing, and verified it 
for an IPX8 rating.  They were advertising correctly, and had no intention to 
advertise falsely.  Instead, this should be treated more like a recall.  I 
mean, if a car on the road starts having tires falling off, the automaker does 
a recall and fixes things, but they never in any way were doing fraud or false 

I think if you want to see results, it needs to be in a "believable" manner.  
MM knows full well that they never did fraud or false advertising.  So, 
threatening to sue on that matter is rather pointless.  

I do think, however, people would benefit from insisting some kind of recourse 
from MM.  At the minimum, they should provide a free water-tight sport case to 
those who request it.  And, once they resolve this issue (once they determine 
 the cause and make design changes to fix it), they should offer replacements to
those who already own a 511/512 PRIOR to receiving the letter.

I think I mentioned it here before that I almost think people should PURPOSELY 
start putting their pumps submerged in water so that more pumps will fail, and 
MM will have to replace them...sort of create impetus for them to fix this 
 soon. MM cannot say it voids their warranty since the pump was purchased under
the understanding that it should hold up under water.  Sending out a letter 
after the fact will not void the original warranty, since the letter is not a 
signed agreement/contract. It is more or less a recommendation.

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