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Re: [IP] parents take note

I have to chime in here.  When I read Sara's post, I completely understood
her reaction to her mother, because her mother's response sounded so much
like something MY mother would've said.  I was diagnosed last year, as an
adult, so my mother never had to deal with the disease.  No matter, what's
going on with me or my life though, my mother manages to make everything
about HER.  Even though she tries to be and thinks she is supportive, she's
not.  I can't talk to her about my Diabetes, or a lot of other things with
any substance for that matter.

If you say Sara was not wrong in her response to her mother, then why are
you criticizing her for it?  You're telling her she was disrespectful.
You're not part of her family, so IMO have no business giving unsolicited
advice on something so personal.  Of course, I don't need to speak for
Sara.....I'm sure she will tell you exactly what she thinks.

Just my opinion, as a daughter with Diabetes.

dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02

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> Sara,
>   I was saddened when reading your response to your mom.  Yes, she was
> in what she said to you but I guess that your response back wasn't much
>  different. We all have our own ways of dealing with what goes on in the
>  Your mom was not WRONG in her response. It was HER response. You were not
> in your response either...but as a mom of a diabetic child and a daughter
> a mother whom I love dearly, I personally would not have been so
> of her thoughts and feelings.
> So Sara, even though you disagree with your mom, it might be nice to try
>  showing some respect towards her opinions and try to understand that
> she
> doesn't fully understand where you are coming from, now that you are an
> Just my opinion, as a mom and a daughter!!!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
> Daughter to Barbara
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