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Re: [IP] Deltec Cozmo

 Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I have been using my Cozmo since May and
have not had any probelms at all. However I think I may
 see a pattern in the trouble you are having. You indicated that you were using
the Software to program the pump from a PC. This is one
 area that I found Deltec's documentation to be lacking. It seems they tried to
make the software flexible enough to be used by a pumper or
 a doctor. This means that you can have settings for several pumps stored on
your PC. If you were to accidently program the pump with a
 program that still had the factory defaults, you would loose all of the custom
boluses AND your basal paterns. Especially if this started
 happening after you got your replacment pump. The software knows that you now
have a new pump and will be keeping seperate settings
 files for the old one and the new one. You may be making changes in the old
pumps settings, then the software would not send them to
 the new pump. Have you tried watching the pump after you get the settings
right, without connecting it to your PC? Once you get the
 settings right, watch the pump for a week or so without connecting to the PC to
see if it looses the information.

 If the pump doesn't loose the info, you will know that the problem is probably
with the PC software.


> Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 01:18:10 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Deltec Cozmo
> Hey, Any of you out there on the Cozmo I need some advice...Josh has been on 
> his 'Pumpy' for about 3 weeks now.  We already had to get it replaced. It 
 > stopped pushing insulin out...yup...I tested it for over 10 hours and nothing
> ever
> came out.  I ended up covering the plate with celophane to prevent any 
> evaporation problems.
> Anyway, he got his new one yesterday and already we are having problems with 
 > the thing maintaining some of its personalized memory. I have programed in 6
> different types of bolus ratios all named.  They keep disappearing on us and 
> going back to the three standard ones that come pre-programed.  This is 
> starting to really make me frustrated.
> For those of you who know us, you will know that getting Josh started on the 
 > pump was VERY difficult. If there could be a problem there usually was, when
> he first started.  Now we switch to a new pump and it is happening all over 
> again.  Makes me think that we should just stick with the H-Tron and be done 
> with it.  We really liked the H-Tron, and for the most part it really worked 
 > great! Just couldn't change profiles or have reminders. Josh really needs
 > right now. That is the only reason we switched. Had NOTHING to do with that
> FDA crap.
> Anyway, if any Deltec users out there could help us out I would greatly 
>  appreciate it. I'm ready to turn the whole kitten-kaboodle back in and say
> enough
> is enough!!!
> Oh and it took a full THREE weeks eo finally get the SW for everything to 
> work too.....man that was a real hassle!!!!  Once working it has been great!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua

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