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Re: [IP] Need suggestions

At 2:29 AM -0700 9/5/03, <email @ redacted> wrote:
>We sleep in seperate bedrooms as we have different biological 
>clocks, plus the restless leg, and the CPAP machine and we can 
>afford to.

My wife loves the CPAP machine as it is just "white noise", a 
background sound that is similar to the sound of rain, or at least my 
machine is.

>The times he hasn't woken me up, is on drives in the car, or if I 
>snooze off watching TV.  He has been told time and time again, WAKE 
>ME, I might get grumpy, but at least I am not physical pain when I 
>grumpy.  Those who don't have sleep apnea, it HURTS, -- or at least 
>it hurts me.

I know what you mean about PAIN.   But since I went on the CPAP my 
wifes sore elbow completely healed and I no longer had bruised ribs. 
It was a complete CURE.    ;>)

I think that it also helped me to stabilize my insulin needs.   I 
have much better afternoons and usually do not have lows like I used 
to during that time.

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