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[IP] 2 hr post meal BG

>I'm trying to get this darn PPG test under 100 in 2 hours
and am not having much
luck. Just took that humalog 30 mins prior to eating and 2.5
hours later was
143 and was 91 prior to eating. *sigh* <

Glucose goals POST meal are not the same as goals before
The food is being absorbed into your blood at this time, and
is supposed to be at least higher (YMMV and your physician's
recommendations may vary) than the pre-meal BG. Trying to
get the post meal BG equal to the pre-meal BG is putting
yourself at risk for low BG later on. To see how high you
are at the one hour point (the time your BG will be at its
highest from the meal, test at that time, but don't correct

At the 2 hour point, you could be on the way down, but at
the 3.5 hr point (with Humalog, and possibly the same with
Novolog), if the meal bolus was adequate, then you should be
within 30 points (mg/dL) of the premeal BG, assuming the
basal rate is correct.

According to Walsh, carb boluses are correct when BG sis
normal pre-meal and is back to normal 3.5 hours later with
Humalog. The same applies when you do a high BG correction

It doesn't matter very much where the BG is between those
times if you are using a pump.  BG is dynamic, it is
supposed to go up and down with food absorption and glucose
transport and use. It does this for people who don't have

Please refer to Pumping Insulin.

Safe pumping,
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