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[IP] Personal question

Okay, I am here to spill some beans. Okay?
For those that were in a chat that I was in one day, I was not eating, well I
was diagnosed with a eating disorder back in 1988 after moving home from
canada (vancouver bc area). I have what is known as Anorexia Nervosa. (yeah I
know that it does not mix with my diabetes).
I was also told in a IM (name not mentioned and from this IP site) that I was
making medical problems up to get attention. Well first and foremost I would
never do that. I think that it takes some "guts" and courage to let people
that one does NOT know that they have a eating disorder or Major depression
(which I have both, and I am being medically and psychiatrically supervised
BiWeekly). Alot of people would not even know that I have (or had it) the
diagnosis, and the normal public would not even mention that they have either,
because of the social "connection" and being thought as a outcast, and not
being socially accepted.
I am for one that does not care what people think of me having a mental health
issue along with diabetes. I have been know to be ARRESTED (Springfield Oregon
2001, July) because of trying to give myself a insulin injection (3 days jail
and 11 days ICU because of DKA). I am not ashamed of either my diabetes or
mental health.
I know that this is long, but I have had this on my chest to long. Some of You
know that I have these problems, as I have told you, but majority do not.
All I know is that I am to the point of disengauging myself from this site,
because of all the problems that I have had in the month or so that I have
been a member with trying to defend myself from UNsubstantiated claims by some
members here of the IP site.
If you have any questions or comments please don't feel ashamed to contact me.
I am willing and open to talk about what I have, but NOT to the community, so
if you want more information don't hessitate to email me or even IM me (if you
are on my aol, yahoo, or msn messenger)

(Rebecca or Becca, NOT Becky)
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