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[IP] MiniMed Admitted Screw-Up

I just got a letter in the mail today (I'm a Paradigm 511 owner) from 
MiniMed - and I qoute (in parts)...

"This summer, as more people are participating in water activities, we are 
seeing an increased incidence of Paradigm pumps turning off due to water 
entering the pump.  In addition, some pumps are unable to detect the 
reservoir during priming as a result of water ingress.  We are therefore 
recommending that you do not submerge your Paradigm Model 511 or Model 512 
insulin pump in water."


"We understand that many pump users do not submerge their pumps in water and 
may not be affected by this concern.  We also recognize that for other 
users, water tightness is an important feature and this news may be 
disappointing.  We truly apologize for any difficulty this may pose, but 
your diabetes care is our primary concern."

'Important feature'?  How about the NUMBER ONE REASON that I gave up a 
bigger reservoir in the 508 (hence another day's worth of not having to 
change infusion sets) to get a pump that could, AS WAS PROMISED AT THE TIME 
OF PURCHASE, be water tight down to 10 feet for up to 24 hours?!

I want to know HOW QUICKLY Minimed plans on coming up with a water tight 
model and offering it as a FREE REPLACEMENT to current 511 and 512 owners!!  
If you look at the Minimed site now, it lists the Paradigm 512 as having 
"Protection against splashes and brief submersion in water" with an IPX7 
rating.  So forget swimming, forget snorkeling, forget the water park - I'd 
even be cautious about showering with it at this point.

Yeah, I'm angry...  And I'm seriously considering switching pump companies 
if Minimed doesn't respond with a solution QUICKLY.  Although, I'd have to 
pay for it since it's been within two years since I got the 511 so my 
insurance probably won't cover another pump this soon.

I'm also wondering that since they have sent out this letter that they will 
not replace pumps that ARE submerged?  They could say "We sent out the 
letter telling you not to submerge your pump and you did any way?  Sorry, 
you were warned.  Bad user, no biscuit."

Anybody got any recommendations for another pump that IS water tight?

Pissed at Minimed,

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