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Re: [IP] parents take note


  I was saddened when reading your response to your mom.  Yes, she was wrong 
in what she said to you but I guess that your response back wasn't much 
 different. We all have our own ways of dealing with what goes on in the world.
 Your mom was not WRONG in her response. It was HER response. You were not wrong
in your response either...but as a mom of a diabetic child and a daughter to 
a mother whom I love dearly, I personally would not have been so disrespecful 
of her thoughts and feelings..

Josh has been delaing with diabetes now over half of his young life.  He is 
such a wonderful person, very independent, very smart, outgoing, does well in 
school.  The only thing different between him and the next kid is that 
 wonderful little pump he wears on his waist. He does not wear glasses, he does
wear braces, he wears a pump...plain and simple.

For us, Josh's diagnosis came out of the blue.  There is no one on either 
 side of the family with any type of disease or illness. I have no guilt feeligs
about the disease except sometimes, as a mom, I wish it were my fingers that 
needed poking.  Other than that Josh is living a 'normal' life...Thank God for 
pumps and BG monitors and everything else that is available to us now.

So Sara, even though you disagree with your mom, it might be nice to try 
 showing some respect towards her opinions and try to understand that perhaps
doesn't fully understand where you are coming from, now that you are an adult.

Just my opinion, as a mom and a daughter!!!

mom to Joshua
Daughter to Barbara
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