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[IP] Re: Bolus for fat?

    Alicia, The question of proteins effect on Bg can get a variety of 
answers. I have read any where from zero to 60% of the protein needs to be
covered by insulin. But the need to cover fat with an insulin dose is far
less popular. The fat content of my food does not effect the amount of the
bolus. My typical 50 to 120 carbs per day allows me to verify that often.
    However something seems to be missing from your doctor's insulin dosing.
You are saying that he boluses for fat but then doesn't care how much fat is
in the food because he bases the dose (for fat) on the amount of
carbohydrates being eaten. Did I understand you correctly?
    The  dietitians on this list should be able to straighten this one out.

> Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 09:52:25 -0400
> From: Alicia Kost <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Bolusing For Fat
>..... Also, one interesting
> thing, he said he boluses for fat.  If he eats fatty foods, he adds another
> half as much of a bolus for the fat in a square wave over about 4
> hours.  Does anyone else do this?  How much extra do you give?  Is it a
> certain amount per fat gram or a set extra like my Doctor does?
> Thanks in advance!
> Alicia, type 1 20 years, pumping 6, no complications
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