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Re: [IP] Need suggestions

I wanted to respond to both messages here.

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From: email @ redacted

smart guy but still doesn't get the whole picture exactly right. :)
What is it that he doesn't get? Understanding a person is sick when they
look healthy all the time is a little bit challenging.  What you feel he
needs to understand, and support you?

I've been married 12 years. He listens to me when when I'm having
difficulties. Doesn't make me feel bad when things go haywire, and for me
that's the support I need. I can do my own sugars and infusion sets.

Maybe check out the ADA and one of their 101 things, such as controlling s
ugars. It will give him an idea and it's a quick read.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: <email @ redacted>

Hey, I've been married to a guy 17 years who hasn't ever gotten
anything that I have medical, but we cope.

Yeah -- I have sleep apnea and the man won't wake me up when I start


My other part is to Kathleen - he might sleep through your apnea. Are you on
a cpap?  Are you by chance insulin resistant?

I have OSA and been on a cpap for 4 months. I'm so glad that I got it done.
I didn't want to but it has given me back so much more energy. It's great.

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