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RE: [IP] Need suggestions

Hi Lyra.

I have been seeing the same endo for six years now and am on the pump two
and a half years.

My doctor has finally accepted the fact that sometimes my b.g. go haywire
for no reason (more I think due to either my calculating improperly and then

She let's it go as she definitely knows each diabetic is different.

You just need to tell your doctor to back off.  You know your own body and
know how you respond to different things.

As long as you are trying to keep decent a1c's, there's really nothing much
more (in my opinion) that you can do.

Some days there are unexplained highs and other times unexplained lows.

If you're looking for a book with the big picture, forget about it!  There
are just too many diabetics out there with different needs, different
metabolism, different everything!!!

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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