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Re: [IP] Fw: Paradigm upgrade

> >I hope the flavor of ice cream is Premium Homemade brand Serious
> >Chocolate...that is the absolute BEST ice cream in the world for
> >lovers, IMHO.
> Nope, my current favorite is Dreyer's Triple Chocolate Thunder,
> Chocolate Ice Cream with White Chocolate Ice Cream and Chocolate
> chunks!   Not quite as good as Death By Chocolate, but still a nice
> treat!     George

You guys really started something!

Well, I know all the brands listed so far taste great, but I as I am anal
about my weight, I can't bring myself to indulge. Although I no longer care
much about sugar/carb content, I do watch the fat content--some of the
varieties listed have up to 50% of the RDA. So after trying a few low fat
types (tried Healthy Choice, OK but not great), I have found Dreyer's No
Sugar Added Triple Chocolate (3.5g fat, 3g sugar). Almost tastes like the
real thing, good enough to fool me.

Happy binging!

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