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[IP] Need suggestions

Ok guys! 

I have been lurking for a long time now, and now have something to ask. 

Unfortunately due to Insurance troubles and partly my fault, I am no longer 
on the pump. I've been back on MDI's for a few months now. I still get this 
 mailing list because it still benefits me even though i'm not pumping, but hope
to be again eventually. 

Now, the question I have for you guys: I've been with my guy for almost a 
 year now. He knows about my Diabetes and tries to be supportive in whatever way
he can (though that is not much). However, I have tried to explain the big 
 picture and details about Diabetes, what it is and how I have to treat it. He's
smart guy but still doesn't get the whole picture exactly right. I don't 
 expect or blame him. I was hoping that maybe some of you had some suggestions
readings, something clear and simple on the big picture, what highs and lows 
 are, and all sorts of things. Diabetes is a complicated diease so I am not sure
how to explain the whole picture in simple words. Any ideas or suggestions? 

Thanks in advance! :) 
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