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Re: [IP] Paradigm upgrade

On 02 Sep 2003 15:50, email @ redacted wrote:

 > But, if you are talking just about the Paradigm, I would highly recommend it.
 > Individual tastes for features/benefits of each pump must be weighed on a
> by case basis.  For me, I felt the size of the pump to be of utmost 
 > importance. The Paradigm was (and still is to my knowledge) the smallest pump
> available, and frankly, I wish it were smaller!  :-)

 You are correct. It Should be a "case" by "case" Comparison. And the Paradigm
is NOT
the smallest.   The Dana Diabecare is, it measures 75x45x19 mm, the Paradigm 
 measures 76x48x20. And since we live is a three dimensional world, it should
also be
 noted that NO pump is thinner (depth-wise) than the Animas at 18 mm. I like
 "thinness" when I place the pump in my pocket or wear it in an Arm Thing. So
 than taking anyone elses word for what pump they like, why doesn't everyone
find out for
 THEMSELF just what each pump is like. You won't know until you've tried all
 yourself (using saline, of course). Get a loaner from EVERY company and wear it
for a
 couple of days. I did and I feel much happier that I got the one that is right
for ME, not the
one for you!     ;>)  

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