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Re: [IP] parents take note

   I find it sad that your mother would write that to you.  Caitlyn has been
taught to be independent (with loving guidance) since she was diagnosed at
20 monthes of age.  She makes all of her own decisions (well, decisions an 8
1/2 year old should make), and I do not spend one day feeling guilty about
it.  I was told flat out that her diabetes was a result of genetics on my
side of the family... I felt guilty for about a week, then I realised that I
could feel like crap about it, or I can help my daughter lead a normal life.
The pump gave my daughter a normal life... sure, she has to do BG testing
and change sets, and needs insulin after meals... and yes, we have to keep
tight control of the BG's... but she will always be her own person... I will
never waiver on that.
    Caitlyn wants a cure for diabetes.  I want a cure for diabetes.  I will
always want to protect her... I am a mommy after all.  But I will never feel
guilty about it, nor will I ever make HER feel guilty about it.  I hope your
mother can let go of this and realize that she has a wonderful, strong,
independent, beautiful daughter on her hands!

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, pumping for 3 years

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