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[IP] parents take note

so i sent my fundraising letter out to all my friends and family and almost 
everyone was real supportive and encouraging (though not as many as i hoped 
said they would send a check......).  I even got some of you IPers to do 
it...THANK YOU....

so here is what MY OWN MOTHER wrote back to me.....

> I'll send a check. I always do.  boy that made me feel really bad- even 
 > worse than usual about your diabetes. I can't do anything about it Sara-I
 > I could have had an abortion and then you wouldn't be here to suffer is all I
> can say about it.

here is what I wrote back to her, and what I would say to ANY parent who is 
feeling GUILTY over giving your child diabetes


You know I love you, but for god's sake!!!  have i ever blamed you for my 
 diabetes?? good grief!! have you never seen those commercials on late night tv
where they show the starving kids in bangladesh and appeal to you to please 
save them??  and that exploitation WORKS...otherwise they wouldnt do it!!  And 
that is what JDRF does and I am SICK of it always being about the "children" - 
the g*d d*mn kids have to grow up and learn to take care of themselves...and 
 the only way I would have been able to do it is if my parents had taught me how
to take care of myself!!!!  

If I am GUILTING you into sending me money, then forget it - I DO NOT WANT 
 IT! And all the money you could send me or JDRF will never relieve you of this
guilt.  ALL you can do is LET IT GO!!  It is NOT your fault.  I am sure I 
already make you feel GUILTY enough with everything else I do in my life...Why 
 can't you just let my life be MINE? you may have been co-creator, but it is not
yours to live!  You can NOT make me feel "bad" if you feel GUILTY about MY 
 diabetes....would you prefer that I never mention it? pretend that it isn't
so YOU don't have to feel GUILTY???  Every time I test my blood, should I 
 have to think about the kidney problems AND all the woes and trouble I am
my mother???  

I think not.  

Why can't you be positive about how GOOD my life is!!!  Why do you have to 
turn it around and make it a bad, guilt-inducing thing for YOU?

I love you so much and this is NOT your "fault!"  Why not get angry and 
 pro-active about curing this beast instead of sitting around wringing your
thinking what a horrible miserable life you gave me?  How about organizing a 
 team of kids at your school to do the walk....."USE" my photos.....exploit me
all I can get out of people.....I had 7 people in the first HOUR this went 
 out write to say they were sending me a check AND they were forwarding it to
their friends...INSPIRED by my story, NOT feeling GUILTY cuz they don't have 
this disease, that their children are healthy.....
i love you. Sara

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