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Re: [IP] Cartridges

Long time ago (pre dating when Lilly made the first Buffered Regular insulin 
for pumps) I spoke with a Velosulin rep and he said that the insulin "breaks 
down" the plastic in the cartridge.  At the time I guessed he was correct 
 because by the last 20% of the insulin in a bottle would get cloudy in the
At that time I was taking the remaining insulin in the tubing, NOT WHAT WAS IN 
THE TUBING, back into the bottle for reuse.

I don't think that the lubricant "dries up" since I now am doing this again 
and am having have no problems.  I think the salesman just wants to sell you 
more supplies.

I replace the cartridge every time I open a new bottle of insulin (about 
 every 10 to 12 days). I change just the part of the infusion set that goes into
the skin every 2.5 days.

Cee Dee
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