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Re: [IP] 2 hour post bgs test


It may be a bit dangerous to try to get your 2 hr PPG under 100.  This, very 
well, may result in a 3.5 hour low.

 To determine if your carb/insulin ratio is correct, do this (particularly since
you aren't on a pump yet):

1. First, for the time period you are testing for, do a no-carb, no-bolus test 
for a couple of days.  For example, if you are doing lunch time, then test at 
noon, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00.  This is to determine how your basal insulin 
is acting.  Assuming that this is FAIRLY stable, move on to step 2, else look 
at step 3...
 2. Eat and bolus accordingly at noon. THen test again at 2 hours and 4 hours.
You want your 4 hour test to match very closely to what your no-carb, no bolus 
test was relative to your noon test.  If these are pretty close, then your 
carb/insulin ratio is about right.  Your 2 hour test just indicates if it is 
going high for a short while.  If it is, there is a third thing:
3.  A high 2 hrs post meal, but with an accurate 4 hr post meal likely means 
you don't have a high enough basal rate, and your carb/insulin ratio is a bit 
too high.  So, you basically have to increase your basal insulin some while 
 reducing the amount of insulin you give for carbs slightly. Of course, if your
no-bolus/no-carb testing in step 1 showed a fairly "flat" set of numbers, then 
your basal rate is probably right.

Anyhow, I can give you my numbers (averages):

                  Past 7 days    Past 14 days    Past 30 days
2+ hr post meal     134 +-47       147 +-57        157 +-59

(These numbers are from my logbook, and the +- numbers are standard deviation.)

My overall average is 149 +- 63 for the past 90 days. 

This will likely result in a 6.5 A1c.  


>Glad to see ya around. Things are getting better in Justin land smiles. I'm
>trying to get this darn PPG test under 100 in 2 hours and am not having much
>luck. Just took that humalog 30 mins prior to eating and 2.5 hours later was
>143 and was 91 prior to eating. *sigh* just when I think I got it down LOL
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