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Re: [IP] 2 hour post bgs test

Hang in there Justin! 

My recommendations.......to repeat the test tomorrow, especially if you have 
about the same 91 before the meal......but have the same meal, same amounts, 
proportions etc. 

Don't forget that some foods digest a lot faster than others! If I have 
 something like a Sunday brunch treat, a waffle with syrup, I have to start that
pump up like 45 min before eating (even with the pump and fast acting Humalog) 
and even then it is a good wham! 

Now if it is a salad, or baked chicken, rice and steamed veggies, I am good 
and can even bolus after I finish eating. 

Just remember that some foods (like white bread, compared to whole wheat) 
 cause a faster rise in BG readings and others are slower. Also, don't forget to
factor in fat and fiber and such. Unfortunately, life can be very different 
with each and every food. Your task, is to find the average, and take special 
note if something acts super fast on you, or super slow.

For me, I can eat ice cream, chocolate, and many other goodies/snacks with an 
average action and this includes Peanut butter and jelly, or even toast with 
a little honey or molasses. 

Stuff that I call liquid carbs (syrup, juice, regular soda, or anything like 
that) act INSTANTLY on me. On the other hand, some stuff goes much 
slower.....like pizza, and higher fat foods.

Anyway, take care, and I hope all this helps. Have fun with the little one, 
Tina H.
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