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Re: [IP] Paradigm and water???

 This is unfortunate...but I don't think the problem is the seal "washed away".
 On the Paradigm, the water-tightness is maintained by the infusion set design.
(It is the very reason that the Paradigm no longer used the same infusion sets 
as other pumps.)  The infusion set portion that connects to the reservoir 
 maintains a seal while allowing the pressure in the pump to maintain properly.
SInce the infusion set is replaced frequently, the seal is also replaced 

 It sounds, from the postings so far, that MM is concerned about the case of the
pump itself cracking.  (Although, I get the distinct impression that they 
aren't certain at this point.)  It could be as simple as that those pumps that 
have failed had an infusion set either dislodged or not fully seated in the 
pump correctly...on the other hand, it could be as they are guessing, that the 
pump cases are "deteriorating" and developing cracks.

Regardless of the reason, I personally see it has a good opportunity to KEEP 
using the pumps in the water.  Why?  Well, if they keep getting more and more 
failures due to water tightness problems, they will have to issue a recall and 
 will be forced to replace the pumps with ones that are fixed, or else reimburse
people.  After all, many people bought the pumps BECAUSE of their water 
tightness, and simply now saying "don't use it in the water" after purchase 
 without providing some ability to use it in the water wouldn't cut it. I mean,
 one of the reasons (though, not a primary reason) I choose the Paradigm was due
to being "waterproof" (though, size was the main reason).  

If it turns out that it is simply a case of the infusion sets not being seated 
properly while submerged, then they might have to make a design change for 
future pumps to make it more obvious (such as a more audible "click" once the 
infusion set is seated compared to the very slight click it has now).  But, 
such a discovery would mean it is still safe to use it submerged in water 
PROVIDED that you know the infusion set is installed correctly.


>Same thing happened with the disetronic pumps - my guess is that it was indeed
 >water-able but over time the seals washed away.? that is my guess anyways -
>I was quite sad and upset, but ahh well life moves on and we'll all move along
>with it. Nothing we can do - unless you have a way of redesigning it. BUT I
>agree we should all be sent the case for free - I refuse to buy it.
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