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Re: [IP] Humalog vs. Novalog


I can assure that you clinical trials were done on people WITH DM for Lantus.  
How do I know?  My very own doctor was one of the one's performing the trials, 
through the University of Michigan.  He had told me about Lantus about 1 1/2 
years before it came out, indicating that they were seeing great success with 
it, and that once it was approved, he would likely switch me to it (which he 

 I cannot speak to whether Aventis did SOME testing on people without DM...but I
 can assure that trials were most definitely done on people WITH DM. He did say,
afterwards (when I was starting Lantus) that they had seen in some people that 
it wasn't a PERFECT 24 basal rate, as there was a SLIGHT ramp up and ramp down 
with Lantus...but it was the closest to a flat-line basal as had ever been 
accomplished.  (This is why the standard Lantus therapy is to give it at 
 bedtime, because your dinner bolus would likely compensate for any "lag" in the
Lantus basal.

>In fact, I have read
>that Aventis tested Lantus on people without DM, and my experience (and that
>of my endo) was that it did not last a full 24 hours as the clinical trials
>suggested.  Not good as basal coverage if you have absolutely no insulin
>production, as is the case with all people with Type 1.

Scott Strumello
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