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Re: [IP] 2 hour post bgs test

Based on the action curves and casually observing here what people have 
reported about Novolog and Humalog, here is what I see:

Novolog provides a "smoother" action curve than Humalog.  What I mean is, over 
the primary action time of roughly 3.3 hours (ignoring low amounts of 
residuals), Novolog's action curve tends to look more symmetrical, whereas 
Humalog's action curve looks more weighted towards the FIRST 1.5 hours.  So, 
with Novolog, roughly half of the insulin is used up by the 1.5 hour mark, 
where as Humalog MORE than half is used up.

These differences are advantageous in different people for varying reasons.  
For example, Humalog tends to be better for those who eat more carbs with less 
protein/fat.  Novolog tends to be better for those who eat fewer carbs, but 
more protein, etc.  But, some people see little to no difference.  

I have found, since I eat a carb-heavy diet, that Humalog works well for me to 
keep my 1 and 2 hour post-meal readings lower.  I haven't explicitly tried 
Novolog (haven't had the need), but due to its slight difference in action, I 
think that I would see higher 1 and 2 hour tests, but 3 hours later it would 
pretty much be the same as Humalog.

The choice of insulin, of course, is a big YMMV thing...I'm simply reporting 
 the trends that I've seen here on this board and a bit of explanation as to why
that might be the case.  :-)

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