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Re: [IP] Paradigm upgrade

This is curious.  I mean, I had presumed that what made other meters allow you 
to use alternate sites was because they required less blood, and therefore 
allowed other sites to be used that may not provide as much blood.

The BD Logic, however, uses less blood than ANY other meter on the market, 
including the previous record-holder, the Freestyle (of course, we are talking 
miniscule differences...Logic's .30 uL compared with Freestyle's .33 uL).  

Anyhow, someone mentioned that it is because their lancing device isn't good 
for alternative site testing...but that would seem like poor marketing not to 
just include a different lancing device or lancet.  

 So, perhaps there is some calibration that is done within the meter itself that
takes into account the differences that might be found in using alternative 
sites such as the forearm.  

For me, it is moot. As I have an alternative site meter now, I just can't get 
any blood from my forearm, no matter how hard I try...at least, not without 
making it hurt worse than on the fingers!

Does anyone know any reason why the Logic could NOT be used with alternate 
sites other than the lancing itself?


>Just saw this on the MMM website.  I called them yesterday to ask if the BD
>Logic meter allows you to test other areas than the fingers and they told me
>no.  That alone is enough for me not to upgrade.
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