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Re: [IP] 2 hour post bgs test

That sounds consistent with my and others experience with humalog.  Humalog
doesn't "peak" at 3 hours, it's should be mostly done at the 3hr mark.

For me humalog peaks about 1.5hrs after a bolus/injection.   At 2 hours, most
of your food has been counteracted, but there is still some humalog activity
in your system.  Depending on your body, the humalog may continue to act
and lower your blood sugar some more.  This is probably what's accounting for
the extra drop, assuming your basal rates are set properly.

In my book, anytime I've above 60 and below 120, I'm good and call it done. 
Normal folks don't deviate much from the 80ish range at any time. I wouldn't be
complaining about a 2hr 114 after meals.  That's not bad.

I've always likened managing my diabetes to trying to solve 3 different
equations at the same time (systems of equations for the math geeks out there).
 1 system is insulin timing.  Another system is food timing.  Another system is
metabolism/basal.   They all share at least 1 common variable (insulin), but
each system has it's own other variables to keep track of also.

When I have problems, I blame it on not having kept track of one of these other
variables that I don't have control over.   I think that most of the time,
managing the food and insulin variables works for people.

Enough philosophy.  Happy pumping.


--- Justin Daubenmire <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Brent.
> I'm finding my 3 hour post test to be back in range but my 2 hour always
> higher. For example, two hour test is 114 then 3 hour test is 85. I am
> thinking my humalog is peeking in 3 hours rather than 2 based on this
> pattern being consistent. What do you think? Is this bad being back to
> normal range in 3 hours instead of 2?
> Justin
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