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[IP] Bolusing For Fat

I had my endo appointment yesterday.  He mentioned that I should wait 90 
minutes before bolusing again after giving a correction.  I will try 
that.  He also said not to use the butt sites and that he has been using 
his abdomen for 23 years without adverse effects, so he figures I can keep 
on using that area.  The swelling I have been having with Novolog made him 
write me up a letter to get Humalog for cheaper.  Also, one interesting 
thing, he said he boluses for fat.  If he eats fatty foods, he adds another 
half as much of a bolus for the fat in a square wave over about 4 
hours.  Does anyone else do this?  How much extra do you give?  Is it a 
certain amount per fat gram or a set extra like my Doctor does?
Thanks in advance!
Alicia, type 1 20 years, pumping 6, no complications
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