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Re: [IP] refurbished pump

I, for the first time in several years had a pump failure Sunday night (MM
508). Every time I pushed any of the 4 buttons on the front panel the pump
would lose power and go straight to the self test screen. Nevertheless,
nothing would work after that. No bolus, No basal, No prime......Nothing.
So I called MM at around 11:30pm Sunday night. I was on hold waiting for
the next tech support person for roughly 20 minutes. After explaining what
my pump was doing I was told that from all the indications that it had been
dropped from a high angle or had been hit forcibly at some time in the
past. OK, sure so what can we do about it? Since it was the holidays I was
told I could not get a replacement (refurbished) pump until Wednesday and
that I would have to manually inject insulin until then. Well, I finally
got the pump Yesterday (Wednesday) morning and I must say that it works
just fine. The only difference is that the bolus "clicks" do seem to be
somewhat louder than my original. I had my last 508 for almost 3 years with
0 problems or issues. On a related note. I talked with my insurance company
and asked about upgrading to a newer pump and they stated that since my 508
was working fine that I should stick with it but if I wanted to change I
would have to wait till next July since that would be my 4 year mark with
my current pump and at that time they would pay for whichever I choose.
Maybe by that time most of the bugs will be worked out of the Paradigm.

Dwayne W. Tackett
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RWD Technologies
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I use a Paradigm pump and the last 2 times that I have changed on the
battery, nothing happens.  I put in a new one 4-5 times and then by the
time I call Minimed, it makes this high pitched squeal and then
everything seems fine.  Well, this happened again just last week when
changing the battery, so I call Minimed, and they are sending me a "new"
pump, you know, a rebuilt one.  I  am so leary of switching, even with
the battery problem, just from all of the problems that others have had
w/ rebuilt pumps.  Any suggestions?
Dx'd 2/01
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