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[IP] Disetronic Pump Failure

> From: "Tracey Scott" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Diseteronic pump failure

> <snip>

> ........yup and you can guess....my pump has been under > in
fusing.......and i almost died.......so be weary
> folks.....it could happen to you.....      (regardless of which make and
model of pump you have) Hal's  note

I would sure help we Disetronic users if you could give us just a bit more
information.  To say that your Disetronic pump under-infused doesn't mean a
thing until you say what model had the problem.  Remember, there have been at
least four different models of Disetronic pumps on the market.

All mechanical and electrical devices are subject to failure and I'm sorry you
experienced one.  How did you measure the flow rate to confirm your

I've been pumping with Disetronic pumps for the last 8+ years and have never
had the slightest problem with any of my pumps.  As you can tell, I agree with
Len Lutz hold heartedly.

I was hospitalized once for ketoacidosis and, your right, it is a very sick
feeling.  Thank goodness mine wasn't caused by a pump problem, just a moderate
heart attack.

Best regards,
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