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[IP] Re: bathing suit question

Marsha - I have also done the long Tankini and clip to bottoms (I am almost
46 and my two piece days are long gone).  My other suit kind of wraps in the
front and I have cut a little hole under the wrap part.  Then I thread my
tubing thru and clip to the wrap material or sometimes I wear shorts on top
of my suit (that covers my upper thighs as well) so I can put it in a
pocket.  Of course the 507C is officially not waterproof - so I always took
it off to go in the water or left it in the hotel.  I'm getting a Cozmo soon
so don't know what I'll do with a waterproof pump but I don't swim much.

Age 45, Type 1 dx 09/19/1973, pumping 4 years
and daughter Melinda, Type 1 - age 19 dx 11/04/2002, MDI
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