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[IP] anal is not a bad word

Len writes:
> OK... so....... im much more anal, then the average bear BUT:(there 
> are a few things in life, you just tend to remember)

and then cites a reference to my cold dead finger comment made in 2002 s the 
original use....HOWEVER, search the archives and you will find:

> Date: 10/02/98
>SNIP......BUT - go for the pump - it is awesome I have a MM507 and 
> have been pumping for almost 6 years and "they will have to pry my
> cold dead hands off of it before I ever go back to injections"

> 11/05/98
>To all you parents with pancreatically challenged youngsters - get 
>your kid a pump and watch them turn back into KIDS again...just be 
> careful...they MAY ask you for a cherry slurpee next summer like 
> all the other kids...then you will have to yell at them for getting it 
> on your white carpet instead of yelling at them for messing up 
> their blood sugar - cool, huh???  Sara dxed age 10 1/2, pumping 
> since 2/93...and wont go back to injections until they pry my 507 
> from my cold dead fingers.

>2/4/99 (written just before major surgery....)
> They can pry my pump from my cold dead, or unconscious fingers, 
> but if I wake up and it aint there, there is gonna be hell to pay.

> OBVIOUSLY, I am not rude enough to stand on a grand dais in a 
> velvet gown and stick my hand down my bodice, or maybe I am, 
> but that is another story, but the point is...Be Loud, Be Proud....Be 
> Bumpy....heck, you can ALWAYS go back to completely unobtrusive > 
injections....Not for all the tea in china thank you very much....you'll 
> have to pry my pump out of my cold dead fingers first

and SO ON....

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