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[IP] RE: Cartridge changes

Ryan, the subject is reusing reservoirs.  No one i know has ever 
reused a catheter.   how long one can leave it in is a very YMMV 
thing as we know.  Lots of people do quite well with 4 days, while 
some only can do 2.  You are your own doc here.  If you find a site 
not working after 4 days, then maybe you might get smart and say well 
maybe i should start changing after 3 days.  it's a no brainer. 
but the recommendation not to reuse a reservoir is marketing, just 
like the recommendation to use a fresh lancet for each poke.  I bet 
you don't listen to the "healthcare professionals" on that 

<<<<<<<rom: email @ redacted
That is a bit cynical, Wayne! Healthcare professionals are not making
recommendations in order to MARKET pumps...although, they may be INFLUENCED by
pump manufacturers who might repeat rhetoric, etc.

But, the main issue I've heard, and my own doctor is concerned about, is build-
  up of scar tissue. While leaving in a pump for more than 3 days might not ever
lead to infections, etc., he mentioned some studies that indicate that after 3
days, your body will gradually start to lead to scar tissue that, over the
course of several years, will lead to less effective (or ineffective) sites.
I'm making a decision to change out the site more often now to prevent long-
term problems.  I mean, I eat healthy NOW because I want to prevent heart
issues in the long run...so it is the same issue for me with sites. >>>>>>>>
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