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Re: [IP] RE: Cartridge changes

	I'm thinking maybe you misread the thread Barb.  We were 
talking about reusing reservoirs, i.e., refilling from a clean bottle 
of insulin.  There's little risk here.  But yes i have had one site 
abscess.  I just wanted to see how long i could keep a site going. 
I'll try anything once.  :-)
But you can get a site infection from a fresh catheter and a new reservoir too.

<<<<<<As a healthcare professional, I would think you might be
more aware of infection control recommendations and
standards of care for infusion therapy.
It isn't all "marketing."  It is for health safety reasons.
Any invading object is perceived as a "splinter" by the
body's defense mechanisms, and within 3 days can begin the
process of walling off the area. The insertion point is also
an avenue for skin bacteria to tunnel its way to invade the
area.  You may have been fortunate enough to have never had
a site abcess. They are not fun, and can be a bother to
treat. Antibiotics are not inexpensive, but this could
depend on the invading organism.
Safe pumping!
Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE>>>>>>>>>>
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