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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #503

In a message dated 9/3/2003 5:39:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Subject: Re: [IP] Re: question--what's your highest b.s. this year?

My highest BS....when I was dx 20 years ago my BS was 1203.
There is no telling how high it has been over the past 20 years because I 
 have been such a non-compliant diabetic. I ate whatever I wanted and never even
I have been pumping for a little over a year and my sugars have been pretty 
good, BUT I still have an occasional HIGH (500-600+). I don't know why. 
I did end up in ICU with DKA back in April and my sugar was 970. I had gone 
to sleep the night before with an EMPTY resovoir and did not know it. I slept 
really late(wonder why) and when I woke up my husband and daughter were asking 
what was wrong with me...I was out of it. They kept saying we were going to 
hospital but I kept saying NO, when I passed out in kitchen they got me to the 
car and took me to the ER. Since then my BS has been really good, not over 300 
at any one time, usually around 110-160.
Happy Pumping !  
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