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Re: [IP] therasense

FYI,   Most all reference labs use serum for glucose testing, it is then 
calculated to plasma (which is more or less an agreed on standard)   
Your meter test whole blood and calculates to plasma. :)

email @ redacted wrote:

>danny writes:
>>The BG rise problem may be caused by your meter responding to 
>>vitamin C.Freestyle apparently is not affected and there may be other 
>>meters as well.....You can count on FreeStyle for accuracy: 
>>Plasma-calibrated lab-like results
>>Minimal interference from substances in the blood such as vitamin C or 
>>acetaminophen, that often interfere with other systems
>I dunno about vitamin c and acetaminophen, but since interstitial fluid is 
 >inherently UNRELIABLE to use in gauging glucose levels, unless the blood sugar
>levels are STABLE, I can not see how Therasense gets away in saying "you can 
>count on us for accuracy."  Capillary blood, such as that in the fingertips 
> provides a much more accurate, consistent reading (even if you take into
>the ACCEPTABLE 18-20% variation).  The blood in your arm is mixed with the 
> interstitial fluid and can therefore be even less accurate....the very nature
>diabetes is that our blood sugar "tends" to go up and down.....and if you are 
>on the way one direction or the other, as most people usually are except 
> perhaps Perfect Patty <vbg> do you really want to trust interstitail fluid in
>your insulin calculations?  
>My story:  I tested on my arm as I was leaving work with the Freestyle.  I 
>was 350...no WAY did I feel that high, but since i was on my way home, I went 
>ahead and covered with 2 units of insulin which would bring me down about a 
 > 50-75 points in time it would take me to get home, and another 50 points at
 > end of two hours, a respectable drop in that time frame that would keep me
>rebounding later.  I also took into account that it could be off by that 
 > ACCEPTABLE variance of 20% and perhaps my blood sugar was really only
>event, not a huge amount of insulin.  By the time I got to my subway stop, 30 
>minutes later, I felt so low, i had to sit in that stinky place and eat dex 
>tabs for 10 minutes....I tested then with the freestyle again on my arm...it 
>said 175...NOT a chance... I staggered home and got my rusty but trusty 
 > Profile....even after eating a tube of dex tabs, and having ONLY taken 2
>which in
>2 hours will only bring me down about 100-130 points....I was 45....so 
>OBVIOUSLY that the 350 an hour earlier had been WAY freaking wrong..
>As my blood sugar started to rise, I was on the phone with therasense....they 
>walked me through all the tests, made all the accusations that i had improper 
>technique - blah blah blah...the fact of the matter was, the blood on my arm 
 >was simply NOT reading even CLOSE to the blood in my fingers. the blood in my
>fingers was reflective of the way I FELT....and the interstitial fluid in my 
>arm was not....
>Suffice it to say, I don't use, nor do I recommend the freestyle.. Of course 
>YMMV and you are free to have your own opposing opinion, but interstitial 
>fluid IS more volatile than capillary blood
>as for the "lab-like" readings...oh phoooey, except for the profile, ALL 
 >meters do that now...it is not actually giving you a plasma reading..the meter
>does  a little math calculation and adds or subtracts (can't remember which) 
>about 12% to make it LOOK like the numbers you would get from a lab.....
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