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[IP] RE: Cartridge changes

That is a bit cynical, Wayne! Healthcare professionals are not making 
recommendations in order to MARKET pumps...although, they may be INFLUENCED by 
pump manufacturers who might repeat rhetoric, etc.

But, the main issue I've heard, and my own doctor is concerned about, is build-
 up of scar tissue. While leaving in a pump for more than 3 days might not ever
lead to infections, etc., he mentioned some studies that indicate that after 3 
days, your body will gradually start to lead to scar tissue that, over the 
course of several years, will lead to less effective (or ineffective) sites.  
I'm making a decision to change out the site more often now to prevent long-
term problems.  I mean, I eat healthy NOW because I want to prevent heart 
issues in the long run...so it is the same issue for me with sites.  

Before I had ever even picked a pump company, I was told to change sites every 
2-3 days to avoid scar tissue build-up.  :-)  MM marketing had nothing to do 
with it.

 Of course, I'm sure the pump companies are happy ($$$!) when people follow this
medical advice.  ;-)


>The recommendations to change the set and
>reservoir is maybe because the lubricant is lost as LF said,
>but more
>likely because MM gets more money every time you change.
>It's all
>marketing Ryan.
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