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[IP] cruising with a pump

Kerry wrote
> going on a cruise the week of Thanksgiving, and will probably be 
> inthe water the entire seven days we are gone. I am just afraid 
> that somethingwill happen to my new lil buddy, Flo when she is 
> submerged.......be hard (okay close to impossible : >) to adjust to 
> shots again,

girlfriend, the pump was DESIGNED for a cruise...your turn that temp basal UP 
and you go to town on the buffet table!  While you are on the boat swimming 
in the pool, if you are that worried about the waterproofness, you have two 
 choices. One, you take it off while you are in the pool, or TWO, you get a swim
guard case...personally I would rather not have the extra drag on me while i 
am trying to swim, so i will take it off for up to an hour....sicne you are 
exercising you will want to get out anyway and check your blood sugar...if you 
are slightly high...plug in, take a bolus, unplug and hop back in.

If you are swimming in the ocean, now, I think this is a no-brainer...do you 
REALLY want to have to drag the bottom of the ocean looking for your pump in 
the unlikely event that the clip comes unhooked and the tape rips off and the 
site pullss out?  I don't have any desire for that....so i take it OFF, and 
 leave it somewhere for away from teh bottom of the ocean (or lake as the case
be).  Same thing as in a pool, ocean swimming can be very strenuous...you wi
ll either not need basal while you are out there or y ou might...but you will 
be testing to make sure, once way or the other...you test, plug in and adjust 
and go back to playing.

DO not sacrafice your life to adjust to the pump - make it adjust to you and 
your choice - you are the master - it is but a TOOL at your disposal...just 
 don't dispose of it at the bottom of the ocean unless you have good insurance
that puppy.....

> lso ladies, do ya'll hide your pump in the bra of your bathing suits 

I actually hook it to the strap on my shoulder when i am sitting in the pool 
or on a float...I am confident that if it gets splashed, it wont DIE (I keep 
my UNwaterproof but water resistant 508 in the leather case) and i don't have 
to worry about getting out to correct for missed insulin....

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