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[IP] exploting children to make a buck

so, christian ministries show those photos of starving children in bangladesh
to get your money, and the JDRF does too..even old Jerry Lewis has a poster
CHILD - they all use the image of a sweet child to make us want to rip out our
wallets and write a check  (the fact that they never mention that these cute
adorable children grow up to be NOT so cute, not so adorable adults, thanks to
good parenting and acquired knowledge is beside the point).  So I figured,
hell, if it raises money for them, then maybe it will work for me - and I have
photos of the most cutest, most adorable child EVER - me!!!  Below is a copy
the letter i sent out to everyone I know to raise money for the walkathon.  My
team is called DIABETES SUCKS.  We will have tshirts that say that in BIG
BOLD letters....heheheheh...I can't include the adorable pictures of myself as
little girl, so if you want to see them, let me know off list and I will send
it to you....If you want to sponsor me...great, let me know off list and after
i do a background check on you (heh heh), I will send you my mailing
address...if you want to send the letter to friends and family and help my
team kick
ass in fundraising, let me know


Dear Friends and Family:

Meet Sara and Erin. >>CUTE AND ADORABLE PHOTO IS HERE<<.  Aren't they cute?
(Sara is the really cute one on the right).   These two girls are sisters.
Both of them are happy, beautiful, very much loved children.They share a lot
(better now than when they had to share a bathroom, and when Erin used to
things without asking).  But one of these little angels was diagnosed with
Type 1 diabetes when she was 10 years old, a few years after this photo was
taken.  Technology has come along way since then, but DECADES later (and we
not saying how many), there is STILL no cure for diabetes!!

Every day, Sara pokes her finger to test her blood at least 6 times.  She
wears an insulin pump 24 hours a day. If she did not put insulin in her body,
would die.  Insulin is NOT a cure for diabetes.  Insulin is a hormone,
discovered in the early 1920s, that everyone makes to turn the food we eat
energy.  Sara's body does NOT make any insulin, so she will never, ever NOT
to take it, whether through the pump or via an injection.  She counts the
at every meal, and has learned how to adjust her insulin so she can enjoy all
the things she likes to do and eat (and if you know Sara, you know she likes
to do, and eat, a wide variety of things - how would you like to have to
figure out the carb count on your favorite chinese food dinner, or how much
to take to cover the blood-sugar-raising adrenaline rush of sailing in the
Caribbean with your crazy daddy!?!).

THERE IS NO CURE FOR DIABETES!  Nearly 20 million people in this country
suffer from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.  More people die every year from
complications of diabetes than AIDs or breast cancer COMBINED (not to take
anything away
from either of those terrible afflictions).  They say Heart Disease is the #1
killer of adults in America, but were you aware that the #1 cause of Heart
Disease is most likely Diabetes?  Even with diligent care, diabetes can cause
blindness, kidney disease, amputation, reduced immune function and a whole
of horrible things you do not EVER want to have to think about.  One of the
little girls in the picture above thinks about it EVERY day of her life!!

Research is ongoing, and one day, we hope to have, if not a cure for Sara in
her lifetime, then perhaps a vaccine to protect other children from developing
this disease....>>A PICTURE HERE OF ERIN'S CUTE KIDS<<....Children like
Erin's beautiful son and daughers.  Children like YOUR children.....Brandon,
Haley, Kelsey, Brennan, Austin, Gabrielle, Emily, Laura, Kayla, Will and
Jacob, just to name a few of the darling children of my friends and family.
Children just like yours, and your grand children!  And don't be fooled.  Type
diabetes CAN and DOES strike adults.  Ask my friends Robert (successful
David (successful triathelete), Kim (successful lawyer), all of whom were
diagnosed well beyond their Juvenile years; as well as the millions more of
2 diabetics who face the SAME complications as persons with Type 1.

I ask you to join me in the fight against diabetes as I participate in the
JDRF walkathon on October 25th in Tucson.  Any amount you can donate is great,
and it MIGHT even be tax deductible (check with your accountant).  All
benefil the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation whose mission it is to find
a cure for diabetes, plain and simple.  JDRF is one of the most legit
charities there are these days!  85 percent of JDRFbs expenditures directly
research and research-related education. In 2002, JDRF provided $100 million
diabetes research, and is responsible for more than $600 million in direct
funding since it was founded. For the fifth year in a row JDRF has received an
b rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy, the only such rating
for any international diabetes organization.  JDRF also received top rankings
from other independent sources that rate charitable giving, including Forbes
magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Wall Street Journalbs
magazine, and Charity Navigator.

So, help us walk to a brighter future...Sponsor me in the walkathon and make
the dream of a cure just a little bit more possible!  Send your checks made
payable to JDRF to:

Sara Falconer
Address removed to protect me from some certain stinky people who would use
my address to send me junk mail, Tucson, AZ 85749

Checks must be received by October 20th.  If you can't send a check, that is
ok...maybe you could send this email on to the people you know.  Ask your
friends and family to make a donation to JDRF....They can send it to me, or
directly to the JDRF if preferred.  If you want information on a walk in your
an address to mail a check directly, or to see what is new in research, please
visit the JDRF web site at  <A HREF="http://www.jdf.org/index.html">Juvenile
Diabetes Foundation (JDF)</A> .

>>A PICTURE OF ME AS AN INCREDIBLY CUTE 6-YEAR OLD<<.  Thank you for reading
this email and I hope you are encouraged to help this little girl today...if
not, no worries...I will probably hassle you again in the coming weeks, but
understand...I have just and reasonable motivation.

Love, Sara
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: