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[IP] Re: Pump Q's from CrlRoebuck

> i have heard
> complaints of swimming. what about times of intimacy. what are some of the
>  drawbacks. can you like tape it on yourself when changing clothes. what
> are some
> drawbacks using the pump. i have some really low blood sugars and unaware
> of some of them. please give me some feed back

Prior to having a pump, I wondered about the intamacy issue as well.  But, 
usually I just disconnect.  (ALthough, the Paradigm beeps at you every so 
often, which can interrupt any romance :-)

I've also used this thigh-pocket that I made for myself for sleeping.  You can 
buy them, but I made my own by buying some spandex material, making a two-ply 
ring that wraps around the thigh and can be snapped on and off.  It has a 
little pocket for the pump.  It is very comfortable, and can be worn even when 
not wearing anything else. The downside is that it kind of looks funny seeing 
this black piece of material wrapped around your leg when you are naked!  ;-)

 This brings me to the most problematic issue I had with the pump...sleeping. I
 tried various ways to use the pump while sleeping, but I started getting really
poor nights of sleep after starting the pump because I would keep waking up to 
 move it, etc. It took me almost 4 months to realize that is why I was so tired
 all of a sudden. That's when I made the thigh-pocket I mentioned above. After
that, I have not had pump-related issues with sleeping anymore because I can 
 wear the pump all night without it ever getting in my way. (I wear the pump on
the inside of my thigh so that no matter which way I sleep I'm not laying on 

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