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[IP] Medication and vitamins: Influence on bg's


I have recently started pumping (Yeah Cozmo!) and am very impressed with the
level of control I have achieved thus far. I have set my basal rates etc and
only need to fine tune it. Fine tuning seems like an ever evolving process

I have one niggling question though: Does anyone experience a rise in blood
glucose levels about two hours after taking prescription medications and
vitamins? I usually take my night medications and vitamins at bed time and two
hours later, my bg's will be elevated. Although I have seen indications of the
same trend during the mornings, it is not as significant. (Some of the
medications I take twice a day)

Anyone else noticed this? How do I deal with it? It seems illogical to set the
basal rate to compensate for it since I don't go to bed the same time each and
every night. Should I try to find a bolus ratio for it?

Kind regards
diagnosed 12/1982     pumping 8/2003
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