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[IP] BD Logic Meter on Arm?

As we are considering the MM 512 and the Cozmo, one of the considerations is
the BD Logic meter which communicates with the 512. We are currently
Freestyle users and love it. My son loves testing on his arm. I noticed that
though the BD Logic meter requires the same amount of blood as the
Freestyle, yet it doesn't support testing on the arm.

An article I read (at http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/d_0i_400.htm)
states that the lancing device is not suitable for obtaining blood from the
arm. But my thought is: what if another lancing device is used (such as the
one with the Freestyle), while the BD Logic meter is used (to communicate
with the MM 512)? I.e., is there any reason besides the lancing device to
not use the BD meter at an alternate site?

Since some here use the MM 512 and probably the BD Logic meter, perhaps some
have tried this or perhaps know whether or not alternate site testing works
with the meter.


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