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[IP] Bad sites

I seem to have "random" bad sites.  In other words, it just seems to be 
random when I get a bad site and, as a result, it's impossible to tell where 
not to inject the infusion set.  I will be doing just fine with one site, 
I'll change to the other side (I usually use my front sides about 45 degrees 
between my true side and my belly button, and I never go within 3 inches of 
my belly button), and suddenly my levels shoot up to the low 200s and they 
won't come down.  Correction boluses don't work.  I have switched sites 
twice and none of them have straightened out the problem (that's basically 3 
consecutive bad sites).  I am at a loss for why this is happening, unless 
there is something else going on with my body.  I had a slight cold (I 
thought it was allergies) for about 2 days last week but it didn't turn into 
anything big.  Today I feel fine.  Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for your input.

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