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[IP] Re: Cartridges

I agree totally with LF on this.  There is no reason at all to change 
reservoirs with each catheter.  And lots of people reuse them with no 
problems.  With my Coszmo reservoir of 270 U and my daily use of 25 
to 30 U, I refill the reservoir about every 10 days.  that's 3 
catheter worth of time.  The recommendations to change the set and 
reservoir is maybe because the lubricant is lost as LF said, but more 
likely because MM gets more money every time you change.  It's all 
marketing Ryan.

<<<<<<<<<From: email @ redacted
Well, I only relate them implicitly because I change both at the same time.
  You're correct that a reservoir change can be done completely 
separately from a
set change.  I just find it convenient to change both at the same time.  I
  guess I really should consider changing this habit to save my 
insurance company
money.  I could just as easily change the reservoir every OTHER infusion set
change, and spend half as much on reservoirs.
  I guess the point is that if you are changing your set every 2 1/2-3 days as
recommended, then going through a reservoir in 2 1/2 to 3 days is no big deal
and, in fact, kind of "enforces" a set change.  Once the reservoir is empty,
you could just as easily refill the reservoir and just change out the infusion
set.  But, if the reservoir lasted 5 days (without refill), then you would be
less likely to do the infusion set change as recommended not only by MM, but
medical professionals.  Ryan>>>>>>>>
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