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[IP] Cozmo in France

Andrea, I hadn't subbed you yet, so this bounced back to us at admin. If you
want to, you are subscribed now, and can re send this to the IP list. I left
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-- Jenny Sutherland
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Hi there,

This is my first time posting a message, so i hope i'm doing this right!

I have been pumping since december 2000, but just started on the Cozmo a few
weeks ago (i am the first Cozmo pumper in france) and there is one question
that i haven't been able to have answered.  It is with regards to the
"attention alarm" for low reservoir.  From what i understand from the
manual, once the resevoir reaches the level that i set as "low", this alarm
will continue to go off until i press OK.  My question is what about at
night?  I don't need (or want!) to be woken up to be told that i am going to
need to change my infusion set in the morning.  A single beep or vibration
would be fine with an alarm message left on the screen until the next time i
push a button.  Does anyone have experience with this?

type 1 since march'97
Cozmo pump
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