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Re: [IP] Re: frequency of reservoir changes

I use my reservoirs (in my Animas) 3 times before I toss them.  I put enough
insulin in them for about 3 days of pumping (~60U a day plus some slop room).

Running out of insulin is still my best reminder that it's time to change my

While this isn't the recommended behavior, I don't have any issues with
occlusion alarms or other problems.


--- Pam Brown <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I agree with Ryan that having to change the reservoirs enforces the 
> set
> change.
> That's why I only fill my reservoir to last for three days, otherwise 
> I'm
> prone
> to forget to do the set change on time. It never occured to me to keep 
> the
> same
> reservoir for longer, but after getting the idea from these posts, I'm 
> now
> considering it due to the economics. However, I still like the idea of
> changing
> it every three days to enforce the set change.
> Pam
> <I guess the point is that if you are changing your set every 2 1/2-3
> days as 
> recommended, then going through a reservoir in 2 1/2 to 3 days is no
> big deal 
> and, in fact, kind of "enforces" a set change.>
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