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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pump *NON* failure

 >>Her life does NOT depend on a Dell or Compaq or HP.
 >>Comparing pumps and computers are like comparing apples and oranges

Funny.....i would have thought that the line:
"(though, i dont mean trivialize the difference in importance, between ones 
pump, and ones computer)"
would have made that point clear, but....... oh well. i DID try.....

 >>No, Len, BUT, as the parent of a type I who HAS a Disetronic,
i guess i should (a little), defend my position:

i appreciate your roll, as a parent, and can only say, that the ONLY thing
closer to the parent of a USER of a pump, is ............. the USER of a 
pump .............
I happen to fit, in the second group.......

If I  Happened to feel that there was even a small reason to be concerned,
those who know me, even a little, know "Id Be YeLlIN' Big Time"

I Think, it would be a different issue, if i read post like:
"MY Disetronic model xxx has failed, has broken, has stopped......"
(were they posted, and i missed them. ??????)
I have only seen "I Got A Letter", and, thats the ONLY point i was 
attempting to make.......

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