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Re: [IP] Fw: Paradigm upgrade

Thanks for the feedback...I sail alot so the water tight feature is
important.  And also the followup service.  Thanks, Fran
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Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 11:50 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Fw: Paradigm upgrade

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> You hear more complaints against Minimed because there are many times more
> Minimed users than other pump companies.  There are some legit
> complaints...but I have found a LOT of illegitimate complaints against MM.
> Anyhow, as far as my personal experience..I've been on my Paradigm 511
> July '02.  I had no problems, and customer service was great.  At 8
> I got an E21 alarm, and they Fedex'd me a new pump the next day.  Haven't
> had a problem since.  When I had a tape allergy starting in January, they
> sent me free supplies to try as alternatives.  After I found that Tegaderm
> worked, they paid the cost of the Tegaderm for that first time, since it
> too late to re-bill the insurance company.  After a few months, I started
> react to the Tegaderm.  My doctor said contact MM again.  I did, and spoke
> to a pump rep, who walked me through a few things to try.  Within a week
> allergy vanished (or rather, my reaction as a result of the allergy)
> to their help.  A few months later, I'm symptom free without problems and
> off my allergy medicine, thanks to MM.
> Every experience on the phone has been quick and friendly.  The only
> exception was after I got the replacement pump, I was getting exactly 1
> from my pump per battery compared to 4 weeks on a battery with the old
> They said this was within "normal operating parameters".  I was
> I tried a different brand of battery, and sure enough, I was back to 4
> weeks.  (I had trouble with Energizer brand, which many people do not...so
> it may have just been the batch I had.)
> The pump itself is easy to use, has been swimming with me without
> I would most definitely recommend a Paradigm pump to anyone, especially
> considering they are over the initial problems they had when they first
> out.
> Ryan
> >What has
> >been the experience of others who have a Minimed pump, both in ther
> >satisfaction with the pump itsef and with the company?  I would value
> >getting both sides of the argument so positives are also welcome!    I
> >always had a good experience with Disetronic, but an concerned that
> >replacement pumps may not be available if something happened with mine.
> >     Thanks in advance, Fran
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