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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed positive feedback

Thanks for the feedback...mostly the responses are negative and it makes it
harder to make an independent decision.  I like the idea of a smaller pump
that is easier to use discretely.  Thanks again, Fran
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Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 11:04 PM
Subject: [IP] Re: Minimed positive feedback

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>  I too want to give some positive feedback about Minimed. I've been on the
> for 10 years now, all with Minimed. Started with a 506, then a 507C and
now a
> Paradigm 511. I've only had to have two pumps replaced in 10 years - once
> my 506 after one year, never with my 507c, and just two weeks ago with my
> Paradigm. I think I know what happened with the Paradigm though. I only
had it
> since May and was in Hawaii for 2 weeks in August, wearing it in the water
> snorkeling every single day. Everything was fine until near the end of the
> when we were snorkeling over a coral reef where it got very shallow. I
think I
> may have inadvertently bumped it against some rocks because later that day
> died (Alarm 35 and motor error) and I noticed that my knees were scraped
up from
> going over the rocks. At the time since I was in the warm buoyant water, I
> didn't feel myself scraping, but I know I must have because it was very
> and I kind of got beached on the rocks at one point!
>  . So it
>   may have been all the days in the water, but I think it was really the
> scraping/bumping that did my pump in. I called Minimed as soon as I
> the problem that night at bedtime, and they were very helpful even though
it was
> 2a.m. their time. They over-nighted my replacement to my hotel. I've had
it two
> weeks now and can't tell the difference from my first one. Hopefully it
> last, but I guess I won't wear it snorkeling again. Last time with my 506
I also
> got a refurbished model and it was great for the next 4 years until I
> to a 507c. So personally I'm not concerned about getting a refurbished
> Anyway, over 10 years I've never had any problems with Minimed's service,
> have been pleased with their products. As a woman, I like the small size
as it's
> easier to hide under my clothing. I agree that since they merged with
> their policies have changed, like not giving free samples anymore, but I
> really blame them since they have so many cus!
>  tomers
>   and the cost would be prohibitive. Like with Microsoft, Starbucks, or
> other industry leader, people like to bash the big guys. Also, people with
> positive opinions aren't as vocal as people with complaints. I'm not
> that some people have had problems with Minimed, but given the number of
> customers they have, I bet it's not as big a percentage as it sounds.
> Pam Dxed 1989 with Type 1, aged 32, pumping 10 years.
> >What
> has
> been the experience of others who have a Minimed pump, both in ther
> satisfaction with the pump itsef and with the company?  I would value
> getting both sides of the argument so positives are also welcome!"<
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