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[IP] Paradigm and water???

I too just called MM.  They confirmed that yes, they are re-classifying it
as 'splashable' but not 'submergible.'  I express my huge dissatisfaction
with this and told them how disappointed I was about. 

Their solution is to buy the sport case (oh so stylish) to wear with your
bathing when in the water.  BTW, I think all Paradigm users should call them
and let them know how this is unacceptable and that charging any money for
the sports case is WRONG>

I was very nice to the lady (since after all, it is not her fault) on the
phone but let her know that I bought it with the intention of using in the
water.  She said at the most, they could (not for sure) give me a discount
on the sports case.  She will call me back with the decision (I had someone
in my office, and had to go.)

I think we should all call them and tell them how this is not right and they
should send the sport case to all whom ask for it free of charge - Since it
was sold on the pretenses of being able to submerge it.  

I just do not understand how they pass the 8ft and 24 hours test and now are
re-classifying it.  How big was their sample size?  Did they just do one

They have been extremely helpful with me and the problems.  They even took a
couple collect call from Barbados and were very patient with me while I
vented my frustation while on my vacation.  I am just dissapointed on this
water issue, especially since it had such an impact on my vacation.

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