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[IP] this little piggy...

Tina wrote:
>Good post Sara! Just as long as you are not a PiG! Being a 
> Pig brings on extra weight, and goodness knows that is not 
>good for anyone. 

hey...if you are a diabetic, being a pig does NOT have to bring on extra 
 weight....back in the olden stupid dumb ass days, we could eat whatever we
and then conveniently FORGET to take our shots...pounds MELTED off....ahhh the 
days of ignorance
...This is apparently a fairly common eating disorder among diabetic 
 women....kinda like our version of anorexia....I know I used it...Lost 17
pounds in 2
weeks back when I was 20....of course, I gained 10 back in 24 hours, through 
 an IV when i was too sick to go to work and dragged my sorry butt to the doctor
when my ketone strip was BLACK.....(which incidentally, is what happens when 
you go on a diet that ENCOURAGES ketones...you dehydrate and lose water 
 weight...and it will come BACK (and THEN some) as soon as you go back to your
eating habits)

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